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Vehicles We Cannot Wash

Not every vehicle can enjoy the Ollie Wash experience.

Some vehicles have elements that may be damaged in an automated wash system. In particular, many add-ons are not designed to withstand an automated wash.

This list below is not comprehensive but is provided to give you some idea about the types of vehicles that should avoid Ollie Wash.

  • Hummer H1 SUV
  • Smart marque cars
  • Classic vehicles, 25 years or earlier
  • Dually Trucks — trucks with dual rear tires
  • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty
  • Trucks with tanks in the bed
  • Vehicles with mounted racks:
    • Ladder racks (with or without ladders)
    • Bike racks
    • Ski racks
    • Any rear-mounted rack
  • Vehicles with protruding parts or attachments of any kind, especially antennas, extended side-view mirrors, spare tires, spare tire covers.
  • Vehicles with non-factory parts or modifications

In addition, cars and trucks of a certain condition may be further damaged: vehicles with flaking rust; rust-damaged or perforated metal; cracked or chipped paint; or loose parts.

Ask an Ollie Wash team member

We don’t want to see your vehicle damaged and we’re sure you don’t either. If you are not certain about the safety of your vehicle in an automated wash system, please ask a friendly Ollie Wash team member.